Affordable Enterprise Networking platform built with quality reliable components.

WiFi has become the staple diet for our network needs. It’s convenient, widely used and often extremely annoying! We remove annoying! replacing it with fast and reliable.

Wireless Network

Enterprise System

An affordable solution, delivering a breakthrough combination of quality, reliability, scalability, coupled with great performance.

Software Controller

Easy to use intuitive controller, hence allowing you to manage network traffic and gadgets using the mobile app or web browser.

Outdoor/Mesh Solutions

Mesh networks expand WiFi limits. In particular, giving a larger area of coverage and ridding areas of dead spots.

Guest Portal/Hotspot

Hotels to coffee shops, guest networks are certainly fulfilling these needs while ensuring quality wireless for permanent users.

What is WiFi

WiFi technology infact started its humble beginnings as a garage project in Hawaii.

WiFi uses radio waves, thus connecting gadgets to a network without the need for cables.

Access to internet and network resources becomes availabe once connected.

Benefits of this system

  • Affordable and Reliable
  • Scalable Enterprise Grade
  • Secure
  • Long Range
  • Easy to Manage
  • Rapid Deployment
  • Sleek Design
  • Options for any situation

We supply and install Wifi for

  • Commercial properties
  • Business
  • Offices
  • Farms
  • Dairies
  • Schools
  • Residential properties
  • Lifestyle blocks

A revolutionised system with enterprise performance, unlimited scalability, and a central management controller

What Wifi can do for you

A wireless connection frees you from the requirement of cables, allowing you to roam within your building.

This implies you can be productive and focus on the task regardless of location.

Why choose us?

  • A team of experts at the ready.
  • Affordable, tailored solutions to suit your circumstances.
  • We deliver ongoing technical support and maintenance.
  • Your Wifi connection will be seamless, reliable, and secure.
  • Work more effectively, thus freeing up time and reducing costs.

Wireless Installations


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